Clean Your Baths and Showers With All Natural Cleaning Products

How To Effectively Clean Your Baths & Showers With All-Natural Cleaning Products

Have you dealt with tough stains in your bath and shower that simply won’t come off? Perhaps you have used chemical-based solutions that have left your shower and tub less clean over time. Thankfully, there is a better way to go by cleaning your baths and showers.

Nature Pro Cleaning’s John Warehime once said, “All-Natural Cleaning solutions work to rid your tubs and showers of even the toughest of stains.” He sure has a strong point there. On top of that, all-natural solutions are free of toxins. 

Following these steps below will help get the job done right and make the shine last.

Rinse Your Shower Or Bathtub

Before you get into cleaning, the first thing you want to do is to rinse your shower or tub. You want to be sure that you wash out any dust or debris. That way, your cleaning will go smooth and easy. For best results, use a handheld shower to help you rinse faster.

Apply Baking Soda And Scrub Away

Next, you want to apply baking soda to every square inch of your shower. Once you’ve done that, take the scrub brush and work the baking soda in and around your tub or shower. This helps break up the grime and gunk that has left your tub and shower surface in bad shape. Afterward, don’t forget to rinse out the shower or tub.

Create Your Own Shower And Bath Cleaner

To create your own all-natural cleaner for your shower and bath, you will need to first heat 1.5 cups of distilled white vinegar in the microwave. This will help bind the vinegar with the Castille soap. Then, pour the heated vinegar with great care into a spray bottle. Close the bottle afterward and shake it well before use.

Spray Your Shower Or Tub With The Cleaner

What you want to do now is spray all around your shower and tub with the cleaner. Then use a wet microfiber cloth to scrub where you sprayed the cleaner. This will help wipe away the scum, mold, and other nasty particles in a big way. Once done, rinse away the cleaner and you should see the colors of your shower or bath back to its true form. In other words, it will sure look good as new.

All-Natural Cleaning Is The Best Cleaning

It is evident that all-natural cleaning is by far the best cleaning solution for your baths and showers. It also is the best for other types of cleaning jobs. It digs deep to ensure that you get those stains, mold, grime, and other nasty particles out. This helps make the cleanliness of your baths and showers last a long time without ever using toxins.

If you’re looking for quality solutions like these, then consider the quality services that Nature Pro Cleaning offers. You will be doing your bath and shower a big favor. As John Warehime once said, “Think naturally and the shine in your bath or shower shall last.”

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