frameless shower door

Why Frameless Shower Doors are Better

There are many ways to approach a bathroom design, renovation, or upgrade. Can you guess what stands out the most (or should) in any given bathroom? The shower. You don’t want it protruding and “standing” out farther than you can budget space for. 

Frameless showers have become a stylish and modern way to blend showers seamlessly into a bathroom. Let’s take a look at what else makes frameless shower doors superior to traditional framed doors. 

Easily Customizable and Aesthetic

When you’re shopping for pre-fab showers, you’re limited to a certain style, size, and shape. With frameless shower doors, you can make your shower unique and custom fit to your bathroom’s layout and size. 

“It’s a beautiful and minimal way to uplift a bathroom. No two showers are the same and it looks and functions better than semi-frameless or fully framed,” says Kevin Coad of Desert Empire Mirror & Glass in Coachella Valley. 

Say Goodbye to Mold and Grime

You won’t have to worry about the routine build-up that occurs in door seals, corners, and crevices of framed showers. Frameless shower doors are easy to clean and maintain. Simply place a squeegee in or nearby the shower and give the glass a few swipes after use for daily sparkling clean shower doors. 

If you ever need a replacement part, frameless shower doors are available from a variety of manufacturers, whereas framed showers require you to directly order through the original manufacturer.

Range of Motion

The ability to swing your shower door open or shut in any direction is a big bonus working with limited space. Most bathrooms could benefit from this feature. You don’t realize how helpful it is to pivot your shower door in any direction until you’ve had a frameless shower. 


If you’ve put a significant amount of time and thought into your bathroom’s design, it only makes sense to choose a shower that will accentuate the rest of your bathroom. When your bathroom feels more spacious it allows for more emphasis on tiles, sinks, or mirrors. 

Another excellent option is to install custom mirrors in conjunction with a frameless shower for a very airy and minimalistic effect. 

Longer Lasting

Did you know that a framed shower door has a shorter lifespan? This makes the frameless shower a better investment as the doors are less susceptible to corrosion. Frameless shower doors are not known for these issues and can easily last over 20 years. 

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